11 things to do in Brookings Oregon

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Brookings is a small and delightful city with a population of 6744 (2020 census) Curry County, Oregon, United States. This city got its name from John E. Brookings, who was the president of the Brookings lumber and box company, which eventually founded the city in 1908.

Despite not being popular as compared to other cities of the United states, it is worth a visit. You will be amazed by some of the special things to do in Brookings Oregon and different viewpoints and places you can explore here. 

This city feels ever so different, you will actually feel the integration of climate with sunnier and drier lands. This city is full of beautiful sceneries, trails, beaches, etc which makes it an ideal holiday destination. For a memorable experience, Here are the 11 top things to do in Brookings, Oregon: 

1. Visit Azalea Park in Brookings, Oregon

A visit to Azalea Park is one of the top fun things to do in Brookings Oregon  with your family members. Azalea park gives you a delightful place in botanical bliss whether it be during the light festival in December. Whether it be during the light festival in December or the remarkable splash of color in the spring blooming season, it provides a wonderful place to relax in botanical bliss. 

It is a suitable spot for afternoon walks. Azalea park is named after wild Azalea flowers which are plentiful in the Park.  But, the Park offers more than wild flowers. You can enjoy seasonal activities like light shows, music concerts, etc.

2. Visit Harris Beach state park

view of Harris beach state park

Visiting Harris Beach state park is surely worth adding to the priority list of things to do in Brookings, Oregon (this week). Harris Beach State Park is located on US Highway 101, north of Brookings. 

Harris Beach State Park is popularly known mainly for its accessibility to beach and camping. You can also choose to stay on the campground itself. The tents are surrounded by ferns, logs and huge trees.

You can also find the bird island here (which is the largest island in Oregon coast) and it is a breeding site for rare birds like the tufted puffin.

If you are someone who loves adventures, you will have a great time visiting this attraction. Right from swimming and rock climbing to hiking, this place offers all sorts of adventurous activities. 

3. Goldilocks Antiques

If you are someone who loves stocking up antiques and collectables, visiting Goldilocks Antiques should be on your checklist for things to do in Brookings Oregon with kids. You can find this store just by the Highway.

Though it is not a mall, it possesses countless things to feed your eyes. It is a true and authentic antique store with a great diversity of antiques and collectables. Owners and the workers are so nice and helpful. 

This store has a countless list of things from expensive quality antiques to tie dye T-shirts consisting of dolls, picture frames, jewelry, collectibles, books, clocks, lamps, silverware, china plates, etc. 

4. Bond with your friends at Chetco brewing company

Chetco Brewing Co. is a charming local microbrewery located here. The brewery is very nice and big. They are listed among the top 100 Best Fan-Favorite Destinations in Oregon for 2020!

It is owned and operated by Michael Frederick, the brewmaster. A visit to this brewery should be in your checklist of things to do in Brookings, OR.

The Staff is very friendly and helpful. It is like a pleasing place to relax with a tasty beer, a comfortable spot for people to come together, transfer ideas, create plans, and celebrate. 

This brewery is popular for its all-vegan beers, which are clarified using Irish Moss and made without any additives, extracts, or artificial anything. The fruits and herbs added to beer are grown without using any pesticides or herbicides.

5. Drive over the Tallest Bridge in Oregon – Thomas Creek Bridge

Whenever you visit Brookings, driving over the highest bridge of the oregon state Thomas creek bridge is a must thing to do. (you can do this for free) You will find this bridge just some miles north of Brookings and Harris Beach State on the coast. 

It has a length of 956 feet (291 m) in total, and a deck width of 30 feet (9.1 m). Built in 1961, it is designed by Ivan D. Merchant. Before you start to explore Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Thomas Creek Bridge is a great place to drive across. 

Honestly, This bridge isn’t astonishing and there are not a lot of things that you can explore here, but it can be fascinating to drive through the tallest bridge in the state. 

6. See the Fujita Sword Display

If you are interested in learning about the history of World War II, this should be on your list of attractions to visit in Brookings, Oregon. The Fujita Sword display is an Oregon tourist attraction that is unique. This city is thought to be the only US Continental area that was bombed in World War II.

Nobuo Fujita was the only Japanese pilot to bomb the U.S. mainland, dropping 4 bombs on the town bombs in 1942. 

Exactly Twenty years after the end of world war II, on 9 th september 1962, Nobuo Fujita was invited to visit the city for an occasion of historical significance. He along with his family traveled to the city for a ceremony and he donated his ancestral 400-year-old sword (which he possessed when he was on the original mission). 

7. Play golf at Salmon run golf course

a man wearing white t shirt and red pants is playing golf at salmon run golf course located in brookings

Salmon Run is a 18 Hole municipal golf course owned by the City of Brookings and managed by Course Co Management Team. It is located behind the coastal mountains in Oregon. It opened its doors for the public in 1999.

The Salmon Run Golf Course is an amazing golf retreat designed for all golfing levels. It consists of a challenging variety of hole layouts. There is a hole for each and every one to try. Different membership plans are available for golfers who visit more frequently. You can select from the different membership plans as an individual, couple or family to save some money.

To make your golfing experience more special, you can also find a restaurant nearby, a full-service pro-shop, and helpful tutors, etc.

8. Inhale the scent of Myrtlewood trees

The Myrtle wood Tree is a very rare species. Some people confuse it with the pacific myrtle shrub, but both are very different from each other.  Its range extends from, Reedsport to San Diego.

When you drive along Highway 101, you can find a number of stores which have mysterious softwood. But in order to avail the full experience of inhaling in the sweet flavors of the leaves, head to Loeb State Park.

The park has a nice ground with water, power,  and picnic spots where you can hang out with your family and friends. And The Myrtlewood trees are fun. 

9. Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor (Most Popular Thing to do in Brookings)

If you’re looking for a place with a seamless view, then spending time at the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is one of the top things to do in Brookings, Oregon.

This attraction is named after Samuel H. Boardman, who was the first superintendent of Oregon parks. This area receives fair weather throughout the year. And as the name suggests, this attraction is full of delightful sceneries and breathtaking views. Sitka spruce trees, natural bridges, gorgeous sea stacks (that never gets old), small sandy beaches, cliffside forests and rugged coastline, etc all are found in Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. 

The rock formations, when surrounded by the fog and mist, look breathtaking. You will surely miss out if you decide to skip visiting this spot..

10. Enjoy beautiful views at Chetco Point Park

sunset view from chetco point park in brookings

A visit to Chetco point park should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Brookings, Oregon with kids. It is located on a small peninsula off the coast, and provides some of the beautiful views in the town. Chetco point park is located right in the heart of the city.

Lush hiking trails and some Pristine beaches can be found here. It is a very good place for birdwatching, beachcombing, etc. This is also an excellent place to witness the sunset.  

Chetco Point Park also features an accessible beach. The place has various picnic tables and some horseshoe pits to further make your experience even better.  You can park your vehicles near the water treatment plant completely for free..


11. Chetco Community Public Library

a girl is taking books with the help of ladder in chetco public library in brookings

The Chetco Community Public Library has its roots in the Brookings-Harbor community for nearly a century, since 1927. It was funded by donations and membership dues until 1955 when it was turned over to the City for operation

Every private property in the city is taxed to fund the library. The meeting room and display area features the local artists of the area, and it also hosts some private events. 

Till date, this library has more than 76,000 items, varying from children’s books to adult fiction, non – fiction, etc. It also has multimedia collections including audiobooks, movies, etc.

Around eleven computer workstations are accessible for the public, and for those using their own smartphones or laptops, free wireless internet service is available. 

Things to do in Brookings Oregon this weekend

You can visit any of the above listed attractions throughout the year. Based on your area of interest, You can choose anything from the list to do this weekend in Brookings.

To help you create a checklist of things to do this week, we also recommend checking out the official website of the city to be updated about different events happening this week or weekend. 

Is Brookings Oregon worth visiting?

Let’s talk if the city of Brookings is even worth visiting?

You can find lots of delightful scenery here, including trails, beaches, etc.

Right from golfing, swimming to hunting and fishing, there is no lack of outdoor activities here. No matter what interest you have, be it fishing, hiking, golfing, enjoying a picnic with your friends and families, etc; this city has something for you!

So, in our opinion visiting brookings is worth your time and money.

Final Thoughts

Brookings, considered as a national treasure, is filled with a slew of enjoyable things to do. It is an interesting place which is considered as a national treasure and has a collection of beautiful beaches, amazing vistas, and exciting outdoor activities.

Whether you are planning to settle here, or just want to spend your weekend, plenty of beautiful scenery, beaches, and fun things to do are awaiting you!

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